About the N.S. Savannah Association

The N.S. Savannah Association's mission is to take whatever action is necessary to preserve and protect the N.S. Savannah, a non-functional one-of-a-kind nuclear cargo-liner ship. Activities include educating the public about the importance and historical significance of the Savannah and undertaking specific limited scope restoration and preservation tasks with the full concurrence of the vessel owner (MARAD). Under no circumstances will this effort involve radioactive materials or locations in the vessel where such radioactive materials exist or are stored. The Savannah has undergone substantial internal and external maintenance and repair, been inspected and painted, and her internal house areas made suitable for office and project support space. This was made by the ship´s owner, the Maritime Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation (MARAD) as part of its decommissioning activities. MARAD has also made a substantial investment in its USNRC licensee technical staff capabilities.

All this progress rests on a fragile foundation, however. Federal funding for the Savannah is tight and is likely to remain so. What funds are available must be prioritized to the work that directly supports maintaining the USNRC license requirements. MARAD will remain the vessel owner and licensee totally but they are looking to the N/S SAVANNAH ASSOCIATION, Inc. to be a long term partner, and a vehicle by which greater goals can be mutually achieved. The Association will have no legal standing or financial responsibility for the vessel but it provides us with a unique opportunity to contribute to the perpetuation of this vessel in many ways